Freight forwarding throughout France and Europe


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Our skills

Pascoal Europe finds the solution to respond positively to each of your needs

Our engagements

Our commitment requires a thorough knowledge of the issues inherent in road haulage and chartering.

Our services allow our clients to rely on our skills so that they can feel reassured and devote themselves fully to the heart of their job.

We make every effort to:

  • Provide a quick response to all requests for transport by phone or email,
  • Offer solutions adapted to all the situations of our customers,
  • Offer a service at the best price,
  • Respect the expected delivery times,
  • Always respect the current regulations of the road transport,
  • Adapt the means allowing the specific delivery of your goods.

Our Know-How/Our Means

Our Know-How

  • Grouped and complete transport on a national and international level
  • ADR Transport
  • VL Transport
  • National and international charter service
  • LPG truck ecological solution
  • Crossdocking platform

Our Means

We have:

Material resources

  • 1500 VRC in Europe
  • 8 transport sites in Europe
  • A computerized transport management system (TMS)
  • Trucks with a geolocation system that informs our customers about the position of their goods. Our geolocation system ensures the safety and traceability of your products.
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • LPG truck ecological solution

Human resources

  • Multilingual professionals
  • Qualified staff specialized in transport and logistics
  • A recommended ADR
  • Professionals sensitized to eco-driving and road safety

Our business areas

Our business areas include:

  • Construction industry
  • Food industry
  • Events
  • Fashion
  • Consumer products
  • Agriculture
  • Electronic
  • Ecommerce
  • Wholesale trade
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Office ...

Our business


We have an extensive fleet of vehicles, so we can ensure the delivery of all your goods in France and Europe.
Our company has developed responsive and effective solutions to meet the specific demands of each client.

  • Partial or complete lot transport
  • Length transport
  • ADR Transport: All our staff has been trained for the transportation of ADR goods. Our vehicles have all the equipment required to transport hazardous materials.
  • Isothermal transport
  • Transport of fragile parcels or of high value
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Large transportation
  • National transport
  • Express transport


We also offer logistics services with our partner Merkancia France to offer you a complete service:

  • Storage and secure storage
  • Loading / unloading and product control
  • The packaging of your products
  • Stock management
  • Order picking
  • Heavy Handling Forklifts
  • Labeling / Picking
  • Forklifts