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Transports Pascoal Europe is a company created in 2018 by Mr. Pascoal, CEO of Transports Pascoal Group.

Pascoal was founded in 1982 in Portugal and remains to this day a family business.

At the request of the largest customers of the Transport Pascoal group, Pascoal Europe was created in France in Coignières (78) to offer France national transport services to our customers throughout Europe.

The aim was to give more options to customers and also to allow a better quality of service for the purpose of total customer satisfaction. The company Pascoal Europe integrates very well into the European market and will succeed in developing new customers and new markets outside its parent company. Today, Pascoal Europe is economically independent from the Pascoal group.


Europe's 500 Awards - Brussels 2010

Transport Pascoal Europe was considered one of Europe's fastest growing companies in 2010 by the European Association for Business Growth at the European 500 Awards.
Europe 500 selects and publishes the list of Top 500 entrepreneurs. He credits for their outstanding achievements in generating sustainable growth and employment.

Quality Crown - London 2006

Transports Pascoal Europe has been awarded with the BID - Business Initiative Directions program of the international "Quality Crown Award" in the category of excellence in quality and leadership, contributing to the growth and development of Portugal.

Arch of Europe Awards - Frankfurt 2008

Transports Pascoal Europe has been recognized by the IDB (an international entity that rewards companies that stand out for their industry), with the international award "Arch of Europe Awards", in the category of quality and innovation, putting strategies for modernization and constant monitoring of market trends and developments.

​​ISLQ Awards - Paris 2011

ISQL recognizes Transport Pascoal Europe's strong commitment to quality and excellence and adds that the company is made up of a team focused on continuous improvement of its work, progress and leadership.

CQI Awards - Francfort 2017

International Excellence and Quality Award in the Diamond category.